Monday, March 28, 2016

Remembering Cooper

My son, Rob, and Cooper, his canine friend and companion of 15 years said goodbye to each other today.  I am very very sad not just for Cooper but because I know how much he meant to Rob.  As Rob puts it,  " Fifteen years ago, we rescued each other. What a great run."
Cooper's last day

Cooper was a handsome mutt with a very gentle spirit.  Rob was in his late 20's, trying to find himself and Coop was a mutt just waiting to be found.  They were very much alike, quiet, gentle and loving. Cooper was a highly evolved soul who liked to observed life.  He taught Rob caring and responsibilty and relationships.  Rob, in turn, loved and nurtured him. I remember one day when Rob called with worry in his voice because Cooper had stepped on broken glass during a run.  Rob had to carry him down the hill and was relieved when the vet got him mended. Most other times, Cooper was just very low maintenance.

Rob's dad, Felix, was highly allergic to animal dander which caused him asthma attacks.  When Rob and Cooper came to visit, Cooper knew he could only stay downstairs and so he never came upstairs unless invited. He liked to sleep under the coffee table.  You hardly knew Cooper was around because he just sat around and watched.  Felix passed away a few years ago.  Rob and Cooper came home and stayed a while to keep me company.  Still struggling with sorrow, I would stay up till the wee hours. Cooper remained at my side every single night, only going downstairs to sleep under the coffee table  when he saw I had finally fallen asleep.  I was so moved by this kindness and I am still grateful.

I was sad when Cooper came home one weekend and Rob had to help him up the two stair steps into the house.  Coop had gotten so old, his knees now buckled when he walked.  He was clearly in pain and we knew he would have to leave one day.  I felt sad for Rob for what decision I knew he would have to make.  Rob said he would do what was best for Coop when the time came.  Seeing all the preparations Rob made to make their last day together meaningful, I again am moved and again I am grateful.  Cooper's friendship had helped shape Rob's gentle persona into a caring but strong man, capable of making well thought out, though painful decisions for someone he loves.

I thank you for the joy you have brought my son, Coop.  I wish you an auspicious rebirth, dear friend. And I love you very much, Rob.
Cooper and Rob

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Jen Meyer said...

So moved by this entry. Life is not complete without our beloved pets. So sad for Robert but what a blessing to have had such a wonderful companion!!


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