Friday, February 25, 2011

Comparison Shop at

Shopping online is here to stay and sites that allow the customer to compare products from different sellers is a time saving way of shopping. is a convenient website where you can do just that.

I stumbled across this site as I was looking for affordable apartment furniture and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of stores I could access without leaving the site.  There were several stores selling sectional couches to choose from for a small conversational area as well as lift top coffee tables to double duty for storage and entertainment.  I was even surprised to find an entire line of Candice Olson furnishings.  There is a an entire wallpaper section from zebra wallpaper print to velvet textures. I could find just about anything to furnish my apartment.

You can, of course, find electronics, jewelry, home and garden products, and many other things all in one place, compare prices, read reviews and recommendations with fewer clicks of the mouse.  Now how convenient is that? has powerful search engines and advanced search technology that allows comparative shopping at the click of a mouse.  There are product reviews, shopping tips and other relevant consumer product information as well as coupons and discounts.  It has international capabilities which expose the consumer to products from different countries.

It was quite a pleasant experience to shop at

Get Carried Away with HGTV

I must admit, I have been hooked on HGTV for sometime now. There is just something about vicariously enjoying nice houses in far away places or finding a solution to that crowded furniture look or the non-existent curb appeal.

There is no space Candice Olson cannot transform into a classy abode.I am certain she can do a lot even a with zebra wallpaper,( not my first choice for wallpaper but it is for someone.)  There is no home that Lisa Laporte cannot renovate, redecorate on a budget and get ready to sell. She can re-purpose sectional couches into separate conversation areas and make the look new again.  How about tips to unclutter that home office like storage in lift top coffee tables to maximize space.  And John Gidding can make the path to your front door very inviting.

Sectional Makes Good Conversation Space
HGTV is a virtual feast and an armchair travelogue. I enjoy looking for houses for the first time home buyer as well as  for the high end condo dweller in New York City or learning from Holmes about all the pitfalls of shoddy and shady contractors. I have fun traveling to different countries house hunting for just the right place.

Yes, I do love HGTV for taking me away to homes and places I could pretend to be mine.


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