Sunday, June 7, 2009

Frank J. Hanna,III Teaches Living in Grace

Frank J. Hanna,III, successful businessman, philanthropist, educator and author of What Your Money Means: And How to Use It Well encourages living in gratitude. He challenges us to look at money as a loan from God and thus to be used to improve ourelves and the human condition. He encourages keeping an attitude of abundance, seeing the cup as half full, believing that there is enough of everything for everyone, sharing rather than hoarding and doing it all willingly and joyfully.

Frank J. Hanna,III is a devout Christian and is active in the Catholic faith. This spiritual upbringing is evident in his writings and in his motivational speches. He necourages honesty in business dealings and dealings with others in general. Integrity is a virtue to cultivate.

Frank J. Hanna,III has put his business acumen and spiritual philosophy in philantrophy, education, and now, spiritual motivation.

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