Monday, May 4, 2009

Manny Pacquiao: Best Known Filipino in the World

Like Filipinos worldwide, last night,  our extended family watched Manny Pacquiao knock out Ricky Hatton in the second round in a much publicized boxing match.  Filipinos were undaunted and cocky sure that their man would win and PacMan did not disappoint, proving the media description that  he is, pound for pound, the best boxer in the world today. A much anticipated fight, Filipinos everywhere watched the pre-game 24/7 series chronicling the boxers training and background.

Judging from ABS-CBN reports, Filipinos everywhere crowded in homes, public venues and outdoor TV projections as did our family who crowded in my brother-in-law's home theater. Sports fanatics and sports illiterates alike watched and cheered.  Filipino military and law enforcement agencies also took time off to watch the fight. Violence halted. Philippine news reports even point out that crime took a holiday.  There was no crime committed during that period as law breakers also took time to watch the fight.  

No other person in Philippine history has united the Filipino nation and Filipinos everywhere if only for too short a period of time.  Pacquiao continues to make his country proud. 

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